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A Character Study: The Harvester

While my days have turned into daydreaming about weddings and focusing on couples, I still find time to collaborate with my fellow creatives. Recently you may have seen this TikTok where I feature my adventures with fellow Bloomsburg Alum, Brandon Leiphart. We collaborated in many ways in college – from photography to theatre – and now that we have left the academic world, we still find ourselves creating together. Ever since that one day in our Voice and Movement class (salsa dancing emoji), it’s been pretty obvious to me that we make a solid creative team.

The Harvester is a character of Brandon’s creation. We are both lovers of horror so it only made sense to come together to photograph this horrifically fun creature. Here’s what Brandon has to say:

The Character of the Harvester was created during a break between pre-production and shooting of the film Valentine Bluffs, meant to make something during our downtime and expand what we could do with our studio space. We produced a never-before-seen short that will be released along with another one to show the development of the character. These are meant to be produced for a short horror film series that should be starting in the near future.

The Harvester was invented when I wanted to create a cautionary tale with a mystical and demonic character to semi-grant wishes to unknowing victims. The Harvester is also a gender-neutral character who can take on many forms. The character’s design was inspired by cold war espionage and nuclear fear. Their backstory will eventually be shown in a future short of the character. The reason I decided to give The Harvester the gas mask look was for the fact that the mask is well known to military buffs but, it's not a well-known gas mask to the average viewer. It certainly looks creepy and gives off a mysterious vibe, but one of the biggest reasons we got this particular mask is that they are abundantly made and can be easily replaced in case of damage or if needed modification.

Keep a look out for more of this character in the near future. You can follow me on Instagram @majorofmaddness and you can follow myself and my collaborators by following social media for the upcoming film Valentine Bluffs.

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